Award ceremony – June 2019. Receiving and giving.


FROM: Sophie, who is a voracious reader and poster of reviews. She also shares whatever she learns about the writing process.


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As much as I love reading, I am just easing myself back into that magical world. For the past several years, I found it difficult to find time to read at leisure. And whenever I found the time, I did not seem to be able to find a book that I would like. And the cycle continued. Enough excuses. Just know that you might not find the answers you are looking for.

Best book you have read so far in 2019:
“An Anonymous Girl” is a psychological thriller about ethics, morals, and money. The main character signs up to participate in a study, which quickly turns personal. “(A)n electrifying novel about doubt, passion and deadly obsession.” It keeps you hooked until the very end.

Best sequel you have read so far in 2019:
I have not read any sequels this year yet. I do have book no. 5 (?) of the Outlander series to get to, but it is taking me forever to pick it up from my to-read pile. I plan on reading “Childless” very soon because I devoured the first book of the series entitled “Fatherless”.
“The second installment in the riveting new trilogy (…) transports readers to a not-too-distant future when the young and healthy strain under the burden of a rapidly aging population. Everyone is nervous about how Judge Victor Santiago will rule. The case involved the tragic demise of a loving mother and her disabled son. (S)omeone, somewhere, would rather put the judge in his grave than risk a wrong decision. This eagerly awaited follow-up vividly imagines what happens when the abiding joys of parenthood are exchanged for the gradual deterioration of a CHILDLESS world.”

New release you have not read yet, but want to:
I do not await the release of a book. Or a movie. Or anything. It is not THAT important in my life until I can actually see it and touch it.

Most anticipated release for the second half of 2019:
Same answer as to the category before.

Biggest disappointment:
“The Ragged Edge of the Night” is about an ex-friar who decides to marry a widow to help her and her family. It is 1942. The action takes place in Germany. Only there is not any action. There seems to be no plot to this book.

Biggest surprise:
“The Gardener of Eden” because I expected it to be somehow … spiritual. It was not.

Favorite new author:
You might already know (or not) – I do not do well with “favorites”.

Newest fictional crush:
Never had those. Or celebrity crushes.

Newest favorite character:
You see, I am rather weird. To me, books are not about characters. They are about plots. A character becomes important to me as I get sucked into the plot. If the plot is lacking, I could not care less about the character. Also, I think that in order for me to really like a character, the book needs to be either REALLY thick or there need to be several books with the same character. Otherwise, I forget about them rather quickly. The characters, that is.

Book that made you cry:
I do not think that has ever happened.

Book that made you happy:
Rather than to be happy, I read books to get my heart thumping.

Favorite book to film adaptation:
I might be biased, but I prefer books to movies. That being said, I would risk and say “Lord of the Rings”. The problem is that I have not read the books… I have read Outlander AFTER I watched the series and I thought that both were spectacular.

Favorite post this year:
That is impossible for me to pick. Can you imagine that I have written over 90 posts this year so far? You cannot choose your “favorite” if you are passionate about writing them in the first place. Even though I am more proud of some posts than others, I like them all. I would not have published them if there was no purpose. There is a creative piece (well, actually two, since the story has 2 parts) I enjoyed writing immensely, so I thought I would share it with you. Part 1 –> HERE <– and part 2 –> HERE <–. I hope it keeps you on pins and needles the whole time.

Most beautiful book you have bought this year:
I have not bought a single book this year. A library is a magical thing. Also, I own too many books that have yet to be read.

Books you need to read by the end of the year:
Whichever I can lay my hands on.



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24 thoughts on “Award ceremony – June 2019. Receiving and giving.

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            1. That’s too bad. I wonder if someone people have pingbacks disabled, or maybe they are just not compatible with the types of sites some people have. I know it is recommended to tell people they’ve been nominated, etc., but I like the element of surprise. You either see it, or you don’t. But I needed to point it out to you since my personal award.

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  1. Aha! Personality question! And it turns out we’re pretty much exact opposites. πŸ˜† Granted, you seem pretty balanced, but going by which ways you lean… Well, I’m generally an INFP, occasionally with some ambiguity on the F/T, depending on my mood. Kind of funny, being a selfish, semi-cynical “mediator.” Sometimes I wonder if that’s quite right. I hope it is; it seems a nice thing to be, at least it does to me. And anyway, it’s what I get almost every time. But then again, the box doesn’t make the person, the person makes the box. Still, it’s a nice ideal to aspire to.

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      1. I’m appreciated. I just often feel I don’t deserve it. There are rare times where I feel my own influence, and can nudge things in the right direction, but usually I just feel powerless and like I’m part of the problem. I don’t really live up to my theoretical personality type’s title. You, though! I was reading a description of ESTJs and nigh laughed aloud. Especially the parts about honesty. πŸ˜… It may not be a hundred percent, but I’m pretty sure there are at least some things in there that are very much you.

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          1. Something about ESTJs being highly intolerant of dishonesty and laziness, especially at work; often earning them a reputation of inflexibility, though in truth they’re usually such sticklers only because they truly believe honesty and hard work are the best way to go.

            I found it funny, because a. I have a weird sense of humor that’s tickled by truth; b. you’ve mentioned your work before, including some expectations of a standard, and, I believe, related difficulties with your co-workers?; and c. we were just talking about honesty.

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